-  Workers' Compensation
-  Auto Liability Claims
-  Personal Injury Claims
-  Domestic / Divorce

Every surveillance is conducted
using a specially designed vehicle
equipped with "Canon" digital
video cameras..

Covert Video
We are able to obtain video in
places such as:  bowling alleys,
health clubs, stores, night clubs,
shopping malls, etc.

Background Checks
-  Maryland Court Records
-  M.V.A. Records
-  Reference Checks
-  Pre-Employment Screening

Specializing in Surveillance........
Investigations, Inc.
Bridging the Gap of Uncertainty

Services We Provide
-  W.C.C Hearings
-  Civil Trials
-  Depositions
-  Mediations

-  Pre-Employment Screening
-  Civil & Criminal
-  Locate & Trace
-  Asset Check
-  Interview & Interrogation
-  Employee Theft

-  Video Taped
-  Recorded  -  Written

M.V.A. Records
-  Driving Records
-  Title Information


Workers' Compensation
protection places a high charge
on the operating costs of the
business and industry sector.  
In recent years, it was
estimated that industrial
accidents cost U.S.
Manufacturers more than $11
billion dollars annually."

For example:
"Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, one
of the cumulative trauma
disorders, is reportedly
responsible for 30
to 40 percent of Workers'
Compensation Claims."