·  Up to 30% of all job applications are falsified!
·  30% of all business failures are the result of poor hiring practices!
·  Embezzlement alone, costs businesses $4 billion a year!
·  Up to 2% of total revenue is lost to employee theft, annually!


Failing to perform a thorough screening of each applicant can cost
your Company thousands of dollars.

Many employers hire workers without checking or screening their
background information or Social Media profile.  Many of these
prospective employees may have criminal records, false education
information, or a history of insubordination.

Before investing a lot of time and effort into hiring and training new
employees, it would be in your best interest to investigate their
background and employment history.  We will interview previous
employers; check criminal and civil records; review Social Media
footprints which will provide you with an informed and accurate history
of any prospective employee.

We offer several different profile information service packages that will
assist you in determining the most qualified candidates for employment.

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Reference Services
National Retail Merchants
statistics show that employee
theft accounts for an estimated
60 - 70% of all retail losses.

The Insurance Institute
of America
estimates that 65 - 75% of all
merchandise and product
losses is directly attributable
to employee theft.

U.S. Commerce Department
reports that employee theft
occurs 15 times more than
external theft.